Butamax Technology
and Intellectual Property

Butamax Advanced Biofuels, a joint venture of BP and DuPont, has developed an innovative biobutanol production technology offering a low-cost, high-value drop-in biofuel for global transportation fuels supply. Butamax technology is designed to convert the sugars from various biomass feedstocks, including corn and sugar cane, into biobutanol using existing biofuel production facilities.

Butamax production technology spans the entire biobutanol value chain and is protected with an extensive intellectual property portfolio. Butamax has patents and patent applications covering recombinant microorganisms, key enzymes optimized for the conversion of sugars to biobutanol, as well as manufacturing processes, and fuel and chemical applications.

With this foundational intellectual property portfolio, Butamax provides its licensees a unique, high-value offering that enables sustainable long-term improved financials. This high-value offering is underpinned by the depth and breadth of Butamax’s intellectual property portfolio. In particular, Butamax’s recombinant microorganisms with an engineered isobutanol biosynthetic pathway are protected by Butamax’s ‘188, ‘889 and ‘328 patents, first filed back in 2005.

These and other Butamax patents protect the foundational technology for producing isobutanol from recombinant microorganisms. With this hallmark innovation and a dedication to continued optimization, Butamax offers a unique and advanced low-cost production option for biobutanol.